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01 May 2010 @ 10:06 pm
40 assorted icons  
 procrasinatin' doing anything at all

just random images from my harddrive so there's a bit of pokemon, kpop, music in general... ya
not gonna organize cos i am really lazy, so they're just all over the place
look at rules, etc.

line 1: e.via, joanna newsom x2, wooyoung+nichkhun
line 2: nichkhun x2, dawn from pokemon, ezra koenig from vampire weekend
line 3: angry video game nerd x2, somr random drawing idk, key from shinee
line 4: jasmine from pokemon, johnghyun from shinee x2, joanna newsom
line 5: joanna newsom, nichkhun x2, robot from laputa
line 6: minho from shinee x2, dara from 2NE1, neon indian
line 7: neon indian x2, random drawin, outsider
line 8: onew from shinee x2, outsider, rostam from vampire weekend
line 9: shorty cat, tablo, vampire weekend x2
line 10: art, yozoh, e.via, taemin from shinee