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peach plum pear

pe2's graphics/gif cesspool

복숭아, 자두, 배
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collection of pe2's icons/gifs


i am a generally unpopular person but i didn't want to crowd my personal journal (pe2) with icons and gifs and that kinda stuff anymore, just leave it for the personal stuff, haha. so i can't code for shit but i'm decent at using photoshop and making gifs and all that so that's what you will find here


just credit this community SOMEWHERE in the vicinity of whatever you took LOL... i don't *like* putting watermarks on gifs, it's ugly, and tbh i don't care if you spread them like wildfire with no credit, just don't claim you made them, it makes you look bad. but as for icons and stuff it's almost hard not to just leave a credit on your icon page so just do it and get it over with.